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5 Liter Hydro

01 Brian - Lancer.jpg
02 Lancer 1.jpg
03 Lancer at the dock.jpg
04 Lancer Brian getting in.jpg
05 Lancer Brian Jen and Al Bush.jpg
06 Lancer Cliff and Alan Bush.jpg
07 Lancer Cliff and Alan putting boat in.jpg
08 Lancer Cliff Bush.jpg
09 Lancer Crew.jpg
10 Lancer Andy early morning.jpg
11 Lancer Andy in cockpit.jpg
12 Lancer Carolyn and Matt.jpg
13 Lancer Kids at auto show.jpg
14 Lancer Matt in cockpit.jpg
15 Lancer Matt testing latest design.jpg
16 Lancer Mom keeping the kids out of the water.jpg
17 Lancer Mom sleeping.jpg
18 Lancer Patrick and Dad wait for crane.jpg
19 Lancer Patrick checking prop.jpg
20 Lancer Patrick drinking up.jpg
21 Lancer Sharon and Jen hold boat 2.jpg
22 Lancer Sharon and Jen hold boat.jpg
23 Lancer Sharon.jpg
24 Lancer Suiting up.jpg
25 Lancer Skid pants.jpg
26 Lancer in between races.jpg
27 Lancer in between races.jpg
28 Lancer in between races.jpg
29 Lancer before cell phones.jpg
31 Lancer in Toledo with Mike and Dan.jpg
32 Lancer.jpg
33 Lancer End of Chrysler era.jpg
34 Lancer Chrysler out Chevy in.jpg
35 Lancer first race with Chevy.jpg
36 Lancer Sharon at Miami.jpg
37 Lancer at Miami.jpg
38 Lancer racing in the FL Keys.jpg
40 Driving Fred Rodos 5 liter b.jpg
41 Driving Fred Rodos 5 liter c.jpg
42 Leash Connection 1.jpg
43 Leash Connection 2.jpg
44 Leash Connection 3.jpg
45 Leash Connection 4.jpg

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